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Features of academic writing

Academic writing is a particular style of formal and expressive writing. It’s a third-person and formally-toned writing. It gives clear opinion on topic. In this form of writing, we choose very formal and precise words. Academic writings are of different types such as:
• Academic review writing
• Academic essay writing
• Academic paper writing
• Academic thesis writing
• Academic report writing
• Academic research writing
• Academic term paper writing
Below are some features of academic writing:
• Complexity: Spoken language is relatively easier than written language. For writing academic paper, it is necessary to use high vocabulary and correct grammar, because as compared to spoken language written language is more complex grammatically.
• Precision: It is necessary to do your academic writing precisely and give exact facts and figures.
• Accuracy: Use of correct and accurate vocabulary is very important while doing academic writing. Do not confuse with words having same meaning.
• Objectivity: Avoid using personal objective; the aim of your academic writing is to emphasize on information and arguments you want to put forward. People want to know what you have learned for your studies, not what you think.
• Reason and Evidence: Use of reasons and evidence in your academic writing is important; it shows whether you are accepting or rejecting your research. References are used to refer the work of experts, while evidences are use to support personal point of view.
• Well-Organized: Your academic writing must be well-organized, so that it is easy to understand by the reader.
• Formality: Avoid using informal words; your academic writing should be formally written.
While writing academic paper, it is necessary to follow some features. Above are some features of high-quality academic writing. Academic study and writing is not easy, students must be very careful when writing academic paper, because it is one of the significant features of students’ academic career.
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Academic Writing Tips

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Academic writing in English is linear, which means it has one central point or theme with every part contributing to the main line of argument, without digressions or repetitions. Its objective is to inform rather than entertain. As well as this it is in the standard written form of the language.There are ten main features of academic writing that are often discussed. Academic writing is to some extent: complex, formal, objective, explicit, hedged, and responsible. It uses language precisely and accurately. It is also well organised and planned.
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Academic writing has a serious tone. The language used and the way writers approach their subjects are thoughtful and restrained. None of the examples were dull but even the most direct – [1] and [3] – avoided sounding chatty and colloquial.
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Academic writing starts with an element of doubt. It does not assume anything. It’s tentative and exploratory. It does not start by claiming to be definitive or comprehensive. The more you read academic articles and books the more you’ll find phrases like ‘Professor X’s argument suggests that there might be a sense in which…’ or ‘Taking this into account, it could be argued that
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